Friday, January 2, 2009

My first post

Well bare with me as I stumble through this new adventure. I would like to use this forum to aid those individuals whom are trying to climb the organizational chart by way of the Information Technology latter. Yes this can be done and with much success.

The Rule of engagement for this adventure is not different than any other group but most things IT we tend to over complicate and forget the trip has already been done by others, some wiser but none the less others.

The concept of this blog was derived by a book proposal I have been playing with. The title of this book is/was "Making !T Work". You will notice the "i" is inverted and is in fact an exclamation point. Both are relevant.

I would like to share for that is what I do with anyone who will listen and in this case read. The title of the blog is Design principals for I strongly believe every project/undertaking should have a purpose and it should stay focued on it. So with this I will end my first post and commit to bringing some points forward.

I will be discussing Portals, Project Management, framework design, my three triangles (come on you want to know about that) and many more items. I will tell you what I will bring forward is not new for I truly believe we stand on the shoulders of giants.

I am really looking forward to your comments and suggestions on topics.

Have a great 2009.


  1. Evidently you took the time to actually read and edit your post, unlike so many. I would send you to my blog spot, which I launched in honour of yours -- after all, I had to comment -- but it contains only one post and that is deeply vaccuous.

    I look forward to your future wisdom, my friend; it is about time.

  2. Although I am not an IT (or !T) expert, I look forward to your future posts.

  3. How about a post on how/when to abandon ship on a project that has gone on so long it no longer resembles the initial scope, but the end is tantalizingly close...